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mixedupsou-l asked:
I just think this Marian is such a good strong character. She isn't a skinny Minnie, she is sensual and uses this to her advantage without looking cheap. She's brave and independent and commands respect from all the men, while being intelligent and sensitive at the same time, I love her. A lot. Haha

I loved Marian, so much. It became to hard season 3 knowing that she would no longer be around to kick ass.

I think my favorite part of her storyline was the fact that it wasn’t about Robin winning her over or charming her. It was about her kicking ass and eventually having Robin apologize and her realize that he had changed to become a better man.

I have no qualms with the way she acted around Guy because aside from a few occasions she didn’t really lead him on. Most of the time she’s made it abundantly clear she wasn’t in to him. Very very rarely she’s manipulated him into doing what she wants, only because he was creepy enough to trap her into a situation where she was isolated from her friends.

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padalacklesass asked:


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posseidonwater asked:
Oh my god!! I can't believe it!! Finally some people who know bbc's Robin Hood!! Thank you for making this blog! I mean it, no one knows this show in my country!!! And now there's you guys! Thank you soooo much for excisting!!

Thank you, unfortunately I don’t update this blog as much as I should, but that should change soon!

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thesorcererandhisking asked:
So I just finished watching robin hood and it's been a while since I cried that hard.

It’s quite a devastating show, isn’t it?

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kathywinchester-deactivated2013 asked:
Do you take any submissions for fanfictions to post?

Yes. I don’t update this blog very much, but you are more than welcome to submit.

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a-witty-quote-proves-nothing asked:
Oh god! your so amazing! I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Hahaha, anyway my question is; How do you feel about the death of Robin Hood, and also how would you describe the relationship between Guy of Gisbourne and Robin, in season 3? When they found out they had a brother and joined forces type thing..??

Aw thanks, especially considering how inactive I’ve been, this means so much! I promise to be much more active in the coming weeks. 

  1. I felt okay with it. After everything that happened in Season 3 I thought it was the best way to end the series. Especially with the way they had Robin die, alone but not really because Marian was with him. I was at peace with it.
  2. Uh…about that, I never really liked Guy, and I know that’s an unpopular opinion in this fandom. Obviously this blog is no favoritism blog, so I keep that aside. So I honestly wasn’t thrilled about it, but I guess it’s necessary in the healing process, after all, brother or not Guy did kill Marian. I guess in the end it worked out.

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shinigami-ninja asked:
Best blog ever! Thinking of changing my tumblr url to something Robin Hood related, shall I? :)

Of course! I used to a Robin Hood url saved, but I had to delete it cause I thought tumblr would delete me. 

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Anonymous asked:
you know how in 2x05, with the traitor plot line and robin takes wills tag as a part of the trap? does he give it back to will/does will ever wear one again, even though we know it was allan?

Yup, he gives it back to Will in the end of the episode.

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Anonymous asked:
Would you be able to make some more gifs with Djaq and maybe Roy? Because Roy hasn't really been included much - which is understandable, because he didn't play that much of a big role - but it's still a bit unfair. And Djaq was there until season 3!!! But there is hardly anything with her... ;) Thanks!

Of course! I’ll work on that today.

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